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Foot Problems: 10 Most Common Plagues

Whether you are used to wearing low or high heels, exercising too much or not at all – everything can give you foot problems! HappyFamilyStore sheds light on 10 most common problems and how to avoid them.

Do you always long to kick off your shoes? Or the opposite – are you ashamed to show your bare feet? You are not alone, three out of four suffer from foot problems.

1. Corns

Painful hard lump on toes or soles of the feet.
Prevention: Wear shoes and socks that provides all the toes with free space. Switch gladly between different pairs of shoes. Take a footbath and file gently once a week.

2. Hallux valgus

Malalignment of the big toe joint, becomes like a sore protruding lump, affects only women. The lump may become red and inflamed.
Prevention: Wear comfortable shoes on the way to and from a party or job. Sneak out of the pumps when you sit at the table. When doing squatting, make sure that your feet point straight ahead and knees are bent slightly outward.

3. Heel spurs

Pain in the heel front section as you go.
Prevention: Sign in shoes with sharply stopped insoles, or put into heel wedges. Avoid excess weight. Work out in subdued shoes and stretch your calves.

4 Converse disease

Pain in the feet and / or knees and / or hips.
Prevention: Upgrade to shoes with supportive arch or footbeds that provide support and shock absorption. This is especially important if you are overweight or pregnant.

5. Sweaty feet

Feet that smell bad and wet through socks and shoes.
Prevention: Wash your feet daily. Avoid shoes in rubber and synthetic materials, and switch between two pairs so they can dry out. Wear preferably sandals in summer.

6. Cracking heels

Skin that becomes so dry and brittle that it cracks up.
Prevention: Good shoes, regular foot care with bath, filing and lubrication. Have medical pedicure a few times a year.

7. Morton’s disease

Pain or numbness in the forefoot.
Prevention: Do not lace up too tightly before jogging and select lower heel height of heels and sandals.

8. Warts

Raggedy nodules on the sole of the foot, often with a black or red dot in the middle.
Prevention: Wear flip flops in the swimming pool and in gym changing rooms and shower rooms. Do yoga on your mat or in flip flops with separated toes.

9. Foot and Nail Fungus

Flaking or mealy skin between the toes and / or yellow, thick toenails.
Prevention: Dry between your toes after showering and bathing. Change to clean socks every day and wash them at 60 degrees so that any fungal spores die. Prefer sandals in summer.

10. Slumped arches

Hurt under the inside of your foot when you walk.
Prevention: A slight flattening occurs with age, suddenly you need a half size larger shoes. Avoid excess weight, do strength training regularly foot and walk in shoes that give good support to reduce the risk that you get hurt.

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