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Pharmacy Services Offered by

Over-the-counter medications

Our pharmacy offers a wide range of over-the-counter meds, including the latest market innovations. A mandatory condition for goods sold by our pharmacy is their quality and necessary documentation. Using a convenient navigation system, the user can sort medications by purpose, volume, cost, and popularity. Under each item, the buyer will find a detailed description of its properties. If you have not found the medications you need, be sure to check their availability with our consultant and if it is not sold in our pharmacy yet, we might as well consider adding it to our list.

Specialty drugs

The situation when rare or personalized medications are needed, which are not always available in regular pharmacies, is unfortunately familiar to many. Filling out a request, processing, and responding can take up a lot of precious time. Our clients do not have such concerns. Clearly structured logistics, established connections supplier-transportation-delivery to the buyer in the shortest possible time allow you to have the medication you need to stay healthy as soon as possible. We make sure that everyone who contacts us can receive specialty drugs on time and do not have to overpay for such service.

Prescription renewals

All medications are divided into two large groups: over-the-counter and prescription drugs. The difference between them is that some are freely available in all pharmacies, while others can be purchased strictly with a prescription from your doctor. This is done in order to protect the patient who will take the drug. To prevent overdosing or use of expired medications, pharmacists are allowed to dispense only a specific amount of pills at a time. Once your pills almost come to an end, you can get a second (or third) batch, which is better known as a prescription renewal. We make this process as easy for you as possible, so you do not forget to make the next order and run out of vital medications.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Medication administration is crucial for controlling illnesses. A personalized medication management service can help manage and organize medications, educating patients about their medical conditions and treatments. This service organizes long-term prescriptions into individualized sachets, ensuring proper dosage and timing. It also educates patients about treatment elements, reduces waste, monitors for adverse effects, and helps deal with drug interactions. This service is particularly beneficial for older individuals with multiple chronic diseases or multiple prescriptions.

Medication Synchronization

Medication synchronization focuses on simplification of keeping track of all your medication. If medical therapy management helps with daily med intake, medication synchronization is about making it easier for individuals and/or their caregivers to get everything they need at one time. This allows one to save time and be less stressed when it comes to keeping up with all medication refills and pick-ups, and having all the medications available when needed. This service also ensures that the pills are taken properly because there should be no leftover pills or shortage of those at the time the next order arrives.

Home Delivery

The home delivery of medicines service is in particular demand among our customer. Medication purchases can be made at any time convenient for you, without leaving your home or office. For certain reasons, not every consumer has the opportunity to personally visit a pharmacy and purchase a certain drug. Thus, ordering medications through our online pharmacy is especially convenient for people with disabilities, allowing them to obtain the necessary medications without additional difficulties. If you have not yet used the home delivery service of Happy Family Store, we recommend that you give it a try – it may be the ideal solution for you and your family.