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Caffeine Shockers: Products Surprisingly High in Caffeine

Mass media and medical community keep discussing the problem of energetics consumption. A number of specialists from foodstuff industry, doctors, and manufacturers require expert opinion to get outside of this problem. Statistics of caffeine-containing products consumption shows undeviating yearly growth. Effects of caffeine action on human organism have been described in details for the last […]

The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics Whose Effect Is Comparable To That of Zithromax

Every single day your immune system has to repel an attack of pathogenic microbes in order to protect you from different life-threatening infections that these microscopic monsters can evoke. If your immune function shows weakness, you are likely to be down with an unpleasant bacterial infection like tonsillitis, otitis or even bronchitis. In such a […]

Common Questions About Intestinal Cleansing

Intestinal cleansing is an operation frequently performed in view of diagnostic endoscopic examinations or surgical interventions and / or in the presence of disorders of the enteric tract (constipation). Intestinal cleansing can be done in different ways and through the use of different products; the choice of using one cleansing method rather than another depends […]

5 Most Popular Cholesterol-Lowering Products

Cholesterol is lipophilic alcohol (a fat-like substance), which is a part of cell membranes of virtually all living organisms. Only 20% of the cholesterol enters the human body with food, while the rest of it is synthesized by the tissues of the body (mostly the liver, as well as the intestines, adrenals, etc.). Most of […]

Antiviral Drugs and Natural Immune Boosters

Many people prefer to use natural immune boosters to pharmacy medicines justifying this by their greater safety and usefulness to the body. In fact, it is by no means impossible to compare these two groups of drugs. Antiviral drugs are a huge class of a wide variety of medicines, from which everyone can choose something […]

Hypotension: Symptoms and Ways to Control

How Do I Know if I Have Hypotension? Lower blood pressure may or may not be a problem. Your doctor can uncover the cause and diagnose the condition only if you have symptoms characteristic of low blood pressure – also known as hypotension. What is regarded as low blood pressure for someone else may be […]

Top 10 Best Probiotic Foods

Today, you can find many foods containing probiotics. As more and more people are looking for natural and non-medicinal ways to maintain their health, various companies started producing probiotic foods – from yogurt and chocolate bars to powders and tablets. Although probiotics have been around for several years, lately they have become especially popular. The […]

Motilium and Nexium: Is There Any Difference between the Two?

Motilium and Nexium are drugs that are prescribed to treat digestive disorders but what is the difference between these two medications? The rhythm of modern life is such that few people manage to allocate time to have regular meals. Usually, everyone snacks on the go and the quality of the products leave much to be […]

Exploring the Advantages of Kegel Exercises for Women

There is a lot that can be done to maintain female health, including proper diet, working out, and getting enough sleep. Besides the obvious general health recommendations, there are also some other ways to keep oneself healthy without doing anything difficult or too time-consuming. Kegel exercises are an incredible way to make sure that your […]

Best OTC Products for Summer Traveling

Are you packing your suitcase for your coveted summer holidays? Surely you will ask what are the drugs to take on vacation, because your drawer is too full of medicines that you use little or nothing but that… maybe they could be useful on vacation! Let’s just say that bringing a kit of medicines on […]