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Top 10 Most Dangerous Health Threats In The World

This information does not aim at scaring or adding more panic to our stressful life. On the contrary, it is aimed at health improving lifestyle promotion as well as provides helpful medical solutions for healthy well-being. Besides, it is always better to be informed about potential threats and prevent them than suffer from the consequences. So do not skip it and go on reading. First of all, be aware of a bit of sad still not secret statistics about the deadliest diseases of our time. Even though the list below does not include plague that significantly reduced the European population in the middle of the 14th century, it still has real health threats:

  • Heart diseases are on the first place as per the US, European and Canadian Health Care researches.
  • Variety of cancer types.
  • Cerebrovascular disease.
  • Respiratory infections and their consequences.
  • AIDS.
  • Still birth cases.
  • Diabetes.
  • Gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Malaria.

But for the mentioned above registered diseases various mental disorders, strokes, stresses and erectile dysfunction also add to the sad statistics. However, due to the research and development work of pharmaceutical companies it is now possible to prevent, reduce and cure most threats to our health.

Must-Have for Each and Every First Aid Kit

If we check our home first aid kit, we will definitely find some products from the nearest pharmacy. If you decide to take care of your health, make sure your home kit contains:

  • anti-inflammatory pills
  • pain-killers
  • ED pills like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis or else if you have faced this type of dysfunction
    sedatives pills
  • anti-allergic meds
  • broad spectrum antibiotics

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Regular Health Improving Solutions

But for the first aid kit one can also improve his/her lifestyle. These simple though effective changes in your life have proved to reduce risks of diseases and prolong your healthy life:

  • Motionless routine is the main cause of most diseases. Add some daily exercises, for example, walking instead of driving, outdoor fun instead of TV and computer.
  • Healthy food is not plain or boring anymore. It is trendy to eat healthy and avoid fat, fried and heavy food.
  • Going sugar-free, or sugar control habit. Start with substitution of sweet beverages with clear water or reduce the quantity of daily sugar in your ration.
  • The no-smoking tendency as a universal concept of many diseases prevention can help to save both health and money.
  • Weight control does not mean conditions connected with health disorders like bulimia and anorexia, so be reasonable and avoid diets.
  • Check your first aid kit for all necessary products and do regular shopping for Canadian medications online from your trusted pharm dealer.