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Top 6 Supplements and Natural Cures for Impotence

The chapter on natural cures, as an alternative to drug therapy, for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is a particularly interesting topic for the good potential shown. In the current therapeutic scenario, these treatments are often the first approach to the treatment of erectile dysfunction. For this reason, it is appropriate to identify the possible natural remedies currently recognized as valid and to describe the main features of action. Several dietary supplements have been proposed as a useful remedy during erectile dysfunction.

According to different studies, both experimental and clinical, the use of suitable supplements could:

  • Increase availability of arginine, an important substrate for nitric oxide synthesis;
  • Increase local concentrations of nitric oxide;
  • Increase intracavernous vascular flow;
  • Protect neuro-muscular structures from the injurious activity induced by reactive oxygen species.

The main supplements successfully used in the treatment of moderate to moderate erectile dysfunction are arginine, citrulline and carnitine. The use of said amino acids has generally been found to be safe and well tolerated, thus constituting a first effective remedy and without clinically relevant side effects.

Several clinical trials demonstrate how choosing a suitable integrative strategy can:

  • Improve the quality of erection;
  • Extend the overall duration of the erection;
  • Increase the number of sexual intercourse;
  • Improve the quality of sexual intercourse;
  • Improve the sense of satisfaction linked to the relationship.

This would inevitably have important repercussions on the general quality of life of the patient, and in particular on the psychological and socio-relational sphere.

Plant extracts to cure impotence (ED) fast

1. Citrulline

Among the non-essential alpha-amino acids, citrulline can also be included. This amino acid, largely synthesized in the intestinal and hepatic levels, is, however, easily found in nature in products belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family, and in particular the watermelon, from which it inherits its name. Extensive dietary accessibility, but above all the proper endogenous production, allows to satisfy the daily requirement of citrulline, although under certain conditions it is necessary to integrate.

Beyond the purely nutritional aspect, it is recalled that citrulline does not intervene in protein synthesis processes, citrulline has been of great interest in the clinical setting for its pharmacokinetic properties and biological potentials. Several works, both experimental and clinical, have tried to characterize the biological properties of citrulline at its best.

From these studies, it would emerge from citrulline’s ability to:

  • Induce an appreciable increase in arginine blood concentrations;
  • Exercise an appreciable vasodilatatory activity;
  • Protecting the organism from the injurious cause of oxidative species;
  • Performing antihypertensive activities;
  • Improve the performance capabilities of athletes.

One of the most interesting applications of citrulline was the andrological one. Despite still discordant opinions, citrulline seems to play a positive role in the management of erectile dysfunction through various mechanisms of action.

More specifically citrulline would determine:

  • The increase in arginine concentrations and then of nitric oxide, resulting in vasodilation;
  • Improvement of intracavernous vascularization;
  • Vascular protection from cigarette smoke or other oxidizing agents;
  • Maintaining a suitable histological muscular architecture;
  • A slowdown in the replacement of smooth muscle tissue with non-functional collagen.

2. Panax ginseng

Panax ginseng, also known as Korean ginseng or simply ginseng, is a plant cultivated throughout Asia, especially Korea, China and Japan, and spread all over the world for its major phytotherapeutic properties. Always used in Chinese traditional medicine, a plant that goes by the name name Panax, Latin for panacea, recalls the many therapeutic properties of the plant. In addition to the renowned tonic-invigorating activity, P. ginseng is also attributed to antioxidant, hepato-protective, anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic properties. Various pharmacopoeia emphasize the usefulness of this plant in the natural management of various morbid conditions.

Always considering the importance of synergy between the various active principles of the plant, the biological activities of certain elements in the plant have been adequately characterized. From the roots and fruits of P. ginseng, through different methods of extraction, it is now possible to obtain: amino acids, group B vitamins, minerals, phenols, protein, saponins and triterpenic glycosides. In this latter category are included ginsenosides, active ingredients which are attributed to most of P. ginseng’s therapeutic properties. Panax ginseng in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

The first revitalizing evidence of P. ginsneg dates back to the traditional Chinese medicine in which this plant was used to counteract sexual ailments and promote fertility.

3. Carnitine

The next natural remedy we are going to speak about is carnitine. Starting with two essential amino acids such as lysine and methionine, in the presence of vitamins B, vitamin C and iron, the human body, more precisely liver and kidney, synthesizes carnitine. Distributed in various tissues, particularly muscle and heart, carnitine actively participates in the oxidative metabolism of long chain fatty acids, allowing it to pass through the internal mitochondrial membrane. In addition to its well-known metabolic function, carnitine has many other properties that have enabled it to be used clinically. Particularly appreciated and used are antioxidant, cardio and vasoprotective, neuroprotective and ergogenic properties.

For these reasons, integration with carnitine is proposed in case of:

  • Intense training sessions;
  • Myalgia and muscular pathologies;
  • Cardiopathy, under close medical supervision;
  • Neurodegenerative disorders;
  • Primary and secondary deficiency of carnitine;
  • Men’s sexual spasms, and in particular erectile dysfunction.

Let’s take a closer look at the use of carnitine in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Given the enormous number of patients with erectile dysfunction, in recent years many authors have tried to identify both pharmacological and non-therapeutic treatments that can improve the unpleasant symptomatology present.

Among nutraceutical remedies, some amino acids such as arginine, citrulline and carnitine have been particularly important. The latter in particular has proved useful in significantly improving the results of the drug therapy alone, thus acting as a useful adjuvant.

By entering into the details of the mechanisms of action, carnitine is currently attributed the following characteristics:

  • Protective activities against the endothelium. In particular, carnitine, thanks to its strong antioxidant activity, will protect the endothelium from the injurious activity of the reactive oxygen species, thus safeguarding its structural and functional integrity.
  • This action would preserve the proper production of nitric oxide, an element of the strong vasodilatatory properties, thus improving intracavernage vascularization.
  • Myoprotective activities, valuable in preventing the structural and functional deterioration of the smooth muscle of the middle tunic, and the consequent replacement with inactive fibrous tissue. Activities that would once again safeguard intracavernage vascularization by allowing improved muscular receptivity to nitric oxide.
  • Neuroprotective activities, useful in protecting penile nerve structures from the toxic and harmful action of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.
  • All of these detailed mechanisms of action would contribute to the improvement of the sex life of the patient suffering from erectile dysfunction.

More specifically, after a few weeks of carnitine treatment in combination with arginine and Niacin or phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, patients would describe an improvement in the quality of erection, an improvement in the quality of sexual intercourse, an increase in the frequency of reports sexual intercourse, an improvement in the quality of life.

How to use carnitine for erectile dysfunction:

Despite the reduced intestinal absorption of carnitine taken as supplements, in the various studies the recommended dosage of carnitine recommended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is 2 g daily, divided into 500 mg doses. To improve the tolerability and bioavailability of the active ingredient, the use of propionyl-L-carnitine or acetyl-L-carnitine is usually preferred. It is useful to emphasize how the efficacy of carnitine in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is closely associated with the simultaneous intake of arginine, niacin or high-grade drugs.

4. Effects of Guarana on erection

Guarana as a natural remedy during erectile dysfunction. Under the aforementioned hypothesized mechanisms, several authors around the world have tried to identify natural remedies useful to the cause. Guarana along with muira puama, Korean ginseng, Andean maca and ginger proved to be effective, especially in experimental models, in correcting some defects typical of erectile dysfunction.

More specifically, the assumption of this plant, in small rodents subject to aging, would have:

  • Improved intracavernage vascularization:
  • Contrasting the harmful effects of free oxygen radicals on the endothelium;
  • Controlled replacement of smooth perivascular muscle tissue with non-functional fibrous tissue;
  • Determined an improvement in normal vascular histology;
  • The number of sexual intercourse increased.

These studies, even in the absence of relevant clinical trials, may suggest the use of natural products as a first-cause remedy during erectile dysfunction. Subsequent work will clarify the real utility and clearly the tolerability.

The beneficial activity of Guarana would be due to the presence of many active ingredients. From the seeds of this plant, contained in small yellow-orange fruits, it would be possible to extract: methoxanthines such as guaranine, caffeine and theobromine; pectin; plant sterols; antioxidants of various kinds including thiocyanates; water-soluble vitamins; minerals and trace elements; fatty acids; volatile compounds.

All of these active principles, interacting in a complex synergistic mechanism, would act biologically by carrying out the above-mentioned effects. Antioxidant action, myoprotective action, neuroprotective action, regularizing endothelial function would be some of the most important fields of intervention in erectile dysfunction of these bioactive elements

Methods of taking guarana for improved erections

The methods of assuming the guarana would be highly dependent on the chosen format and the titration of the active ingredients. Generally, the most commonly used dose is 500 to 1000 mg daily, divided into more daily doses of 250-300 mg.

The beneficial effect on sexual function could be enhanced by the simultaneous intake of ginseng, Andean maca, muira puama and citrulline. The side effects observed following the taking of guarana, all dose-dependent, would be: abdominal disorders such as nausea, diarrhea and cramping pain; myalgia and asthenia; irritability, nervousness and sleep disorders; hypertension, tachycardia and rhythm disorders.

In order to reduce the possible complications associated with the assumption of guarana, it would be appropriate to: avoid taking it during pregnancy and breast-feeding; avoid the onset of cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric disorders; avoid taking ongoing pharmacological therapy; avoid taking the geriatric, adolescent and pediatric age. It is recommended that you consult your physician before taking guarana, given the rich presence of biologically active elements.

5. Tribulus

This plant triggers testosterone, useful for undergoing libido, to reduce fatigue and improve physical fitness performance. It grows spontaneously in India and has found employment in the West as an anabolic and stimulating male sex. But a little attention is needed: Tribulus itself is not responsible for known side effects but is increasingly present in sports supplements associated with potentially more risky plant substances such as ephedrine (Efedra or Ma Huang), caffeine (Cola, Guarana, etc.) and yohimbine, which can produce risks to the nervous system. Use it but use it pure.

6. Horny goat weed

As the name suggests this natural Viagra has effect on the… goats. It is the real and unique natural Viagra: wonderful and quick effect. Its mechanism of action is the same as that of Viagra but absolutely lighter and more risk-free. Its molecule is called Icarina and is suitable for men and women. The effect of expansion vessel on cavernous bodies is quick and effective, but women can also benefit from it. Female Viagra did not have a good launch because women found it too loud and had headache crunches after hiring. The Horny Goat is lighter, does not trigger headache and the effect is assured. The botanical name Epimedium is renamed ‘goat’s herb of passion’ for the discovery in the veterinary field of its effect on the kids. The internet videos do not leave any doubt.

Maca can also be used as a natural Viagra for women. It grows to 4,000 meters on the Andes chain and has always been used as a tonic plant of the Andean population. Its leaves are chewed for a better physical performance. Maca is suitable for managers but also for those who cannot become daddy. Hiring is always in the morning, as at night it may spoil your sleep.

The use of the maca is indicated for sexual asthenia in both men and women. The side effect of the maca is just that. So much physical force and so much passion. It works also for women, especially for tired women and men who come home exhausted and have no energy for anything else.