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What Causes People to Experience Hair Loss?

There are a number of causes for hair loss. Some are short-lived, while others are permanent. Most common is androgenic alopecia, known as male pattern baldness. Despite the name, it affects both men and women. Approximately one in three men have some form of hair loss. It starts at different ages and achieves different proportions. Hair becomes generally thinner over the years and for many it becomes a problem that grows with hair fall. Listed below are various causes of hair loss.


After pregnancy, many women experience hair loss. Many hairs enter sleep (telogen) phase simultaneously. Within two to three months after childbirth women notice that large amounts of hair gets stuck in the hairbrush or comb. It can last between one to six months, then it ceases usually. The cause of hair loss is hormonal changes in a woman’s body after giving birth.

Birth control

Women who are predisposed to suffer from androgenic alopecia, known as male pattern baldness, can begin to lose hair much earlier if they are on the pill. Then hormonal changes trigger hair loss.


Ordinary hair loss cannot occur without specific, inherited genes. A gene is a piece of chemically regulated inherited information is placed in a chromosome and is part of the human DNA. The genetics of androgenic alopecia involves more genes. These genes can be inherited from the mother’s or father’s side, but it is known that genes that are inherited from the mother’s side play bigger role in hair loss.


Hair follicle is very sensitive and easily affected by imbalances in the body. In most cases where hair loss is caused by the disease hair recovers when the body returns to its normal state.

Thyroid Diseases

Both overactivity and decreased activity of the thyroid can cause hair loss. Thyroid disease can be usually easily diagnosed by the family doctor with blood sampling. With proper treatment hair recovers pretty soon.

Protein Deficiency

Some low protein and abnormal eating habits can cause protein deficiency. Trying to save proteins stops the body hair grow and go into a resting phase. You can correct the situation by starting to eat enough protein. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a suitable protein content in the diet if you lose weight.

Pharmaceutical intervention, cancer treatment, stress, iron deficiency, overexposure to hair styling might be the reasons for the loss of hair. Before you proceed with hair loss treatment, it is important that your doctor establishes the underlying cause.

Hair Loss Treatment

They often use medical treatments to inhibit hair loss. In some cases, it has also seen signs of new hair growth. Since the effect wears off if treatment is stopped, we recommend a life-long treatment to achieve and maintain the desired effect. Medication can be combined with a hair transplant and / or laser treatment. Happy Family Store is a second-to-none provider of inexpensive yet efficient solutions against hair loss.