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7 Summer Bestsellers from Happy Family Store

When you are prescribed some kind of a medication, you are likely to use it on a continuous basis all year round. Consequently, you are constantly monitoring its supply and replenishing it, when needed. No doubt, in the case of the drugs, which you take regularly, you can safely make purchases in advance at an online pharmacy during the sale and save money, since you will inevitably need them over a certain period of time. That is very convenient.

But the point is that you can also easily predict, which medicines you will need during a certain season, for example, summer, and order them beforehand as well at the prices, which are much lower than those at local drugstores.

Sure, HappyFamilyStore scrupulously monitors the demand trends and have a clear idea which products enjoy the highest popularity among our customers during different seasons. As a result, we have an opportunity to provide you with the products needed without any delays, as well as to run special seasonal promotions and sales.

At first glance it may seem to you that in summer there are no special health risks, since this period of the year is typically associated with vacations. However, when it is sunny and warm, people spend more time outside, which means that they are exposed to the sun rays and the hot temperature. That may cause all sorts of health problems: from heat strokes to blood pressure jumps and food infections. In addition, the risk of allergy is also increased. Also, in summer most people spend much time travelling, which is associated with the risk of varied infections and digestive problems.

We have formed the list of top products, which enjoy the increased demand during the summer season, so that you can look it through, discuss that with your doctor and get prepared:

#1. Claritin (Loratadine)

Loratadine is the well-known antihistamine medication, which is sold around the world. No doubt, this product is in great demand the whole year round, since those, who suffer from allergy, should always have such pills at hand in the case of unexpected allergic reactions. But in spring and summer its popularity grows, since in this period all sorts of flowers and trees tend to bloom and to spread pollen, which is an allergen. In addition, people spend much time outside and keep windows and doors open, which makes the situation even worse. Also, the risk of allergic reactions increases during trips, when you try new food and drinks and come into contact with exotic plants and insects. Why do patients choose Loratadine? First of all, it is frequently recommended by doctors. Secondly, it does not cause drowsiness. But, most importantly, it is effective against more than 200 allergens, including pollen, pet fur, mold fungus, dust. The use of this medication helps to get rid of the majority of adverse symptoms: runny nose, sneezing, eye reactions, skin itching, skin rash, itchy throat and others.

#2. Elocon Cream (Momentasone)

This topical corticosteroid is widely used in the case of skin allergic reactions. Also, it can be used to treat such conditions as eczema or psoriasis. Such creams are frequently included in medicine boxes. Sure, you should get clear instructions from your doctor before buying and using it. In summer, the risk of skin allergic reactions grows, since people come into contact with all sorts of plants and insects. Elocon helps to solve such problems as itching, redness, swelling, pain.

#3. Ventolin (Salbutamol)

It can also be bought under the name Proventil. At HFS this medication for treating asthma is available in two forms ― oral pills and solutions for inhaling (they are provided with inhalers). As you have probably heard, asthma attacks are frequently provoked by allergens. So, in spring and in summer the risk is high enough. Consequently, many patients prefer to replenish their supplies of the corresponding medications. As for Salbutamol, this product soothes attacks by relaxing muscles located in the airways and ensuring the proper flow of air to the lungs.

#4. Nexium (Esomeprazole)

Esomeprazole is the medication, which has been developed to reduce the amount of the acid produced in the stomach. Sure, if you suffer from excess acid production and ulcers, you are likely to use it throughout the year. But in many cases people do not experience heartburn or reflux on a constant basis, but in summer they may start suffering from such problems, since they eat street food or travel to exotic countries and try spicy meals there. So, to be on the safe side, it is advisable to include Esomeprazole in the first-aid kit bag (after receiving an approval from your doctor).

#5. Imodium (Loperamide)

This medication is used to deal with such an unpleasant problem as diarrhea. No doubt, in summer the risk of this condition is significantly increased. First of all, when it is hot outside, food gets spoiled faster. Also, in summer people tend to organize picnics on a frequent basis and to buy all sorts of street food, when walking around the city. Sure, in some cases people may fail to pay enough attention to hand hygiene, which frequently leads to diarrhea. In addition, there is the condition, which is called traveler’s diarrhea. And summer is the time of vacations, as you know. The use of Loperamide can significantly alleviate diarrhea by decreasing the number of bowel movements. Besides, it makes stools less watery. Still, it does not remove the reason for this condition. In addition, you should always keep in mind that diarrhea is likely to cause the dehydration of the organism. So, if you experience it, be sure to drink enough water from the very beginning.

#6. Panadol (Paracetamol)

Paracetamol pills are the medication, which is widely used to deal with the elevated body temperature and all sorts of pains. No doubt, it is an indispensable part of any first-aid kit. It may seem to you that this drug is used during the winter season mainly. However, in summer, you can face the problem of a fever as the consequence of swimming in the cold water, eating too much ice cream or even picking up a food infection. So, if you are going to spend summer in the countryside, where there are few drugstores available, be sure to replenish the supply of this medication beforehand.

#7. Orlistat

This product is also known under the brands Alli (the milder version) and Xenical (the stronger variant). Summer is the time of the year, when people wear light clothes, which draws much attention to the peculiarities of their figures. Consequently, during this season many people, who have excess weight, make a decision to get rid of it. Sure, that contributes to the demand for all sorts of products that help to become thinner. As for customers of HFS, many of them prefer to use Orlistat pills. These tablets prevent a significant part of the fat, which you consume together with food, from being absorbed. Consequently, it helps to both lose pounds and to preserve the results of the weight loss course. Sure, this product cannot help you get slender by itself. You should combine it with the low-calorie diet and exercise. Still, it will make the process of losing excess pounds easier and quicker.

Recommendations on Buying and Using Medications in Summer

  1. To reduce drug expenses to the minimum, plan purchases beforehand. Make an appointment with your doctor and ask him, which medications you will need in the summer. After that, look through the upcoming discounts and sales offered by The useful tip: to keep track of the promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.
  2. Follow the storage instructions. Some people think that oral pills can be stored anywhere. But in practice they can be also damaged by extreme temperatures or excess humidity. So, do not store any medications in the bathroom, near the windows or next to the oven.
  3. When you order the delivery of any medications, be sure to check the mailbox several times per day. It can get rather hot inside on a sunny day.
  4. Do not leave medicines in the car. The reason is the same.
  5. If you plan a trip by car, use a cool bag to pack medicines.
  6. When travelling by plane, always include medicines in the hand baggage. The point is that in the baggage section of a plane the temperature is usually extreme.
  7. If you notice that any medical product has changed its color, shape or other physical characteristics, do not try it. Consult the doctor or the pharmacist instead.
  8. There are medications that increase the risk of dehydration, for example, antihistamine medicines and products normalizing a blood pressure level. When using them in summer, you should be very careful, which means drinking enough water and avoiding the heat.

Also, certain drugs can make a patient highly sensitive to sun rays. For example, they include the majority of products for treating all sorts of psychiatric diseases and disorders, as well as some medicines for treating psoriasis, acne, arthritis.