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Get Your Healthcare Consultation at Happy Family Store

Searching for a suitable medication and need professional advice? Want a consultation to find out which drugs suit your needs best? Now, you can get competent help from Happy Family Store: its assistants will answer your questions and guide you through the choice of a suitable medication and dosage.

Pharmacist is a friend?

According to the research performed in UAE, pharmacist’s role extends well beyond selling drugs – people need their knowledge and guidance. The statistics show that:

  • 82% of pharmacists agreed that counseling will increase their sales and enhance the reputation of their pharmacies. 70% of pharmacists mentioned that they need to undergo training for effective counseling while 46% of pharmacists felt that more staff in the pharmacies would have a positive influence on patient compliance to medication therapies and patient safety.
  • The potential determinants of personal consultation show that 52% of participants trusted pharmacist and 55% considered the pharmacist as a friend.
  • 48% of participants visited the pharmacy for a medical recommendation while 30% for drug compounding, 72% agreed that pharmacist conducts full instruction while 31% agreed about the full

People DO rely on pharmacists! That’s why Happy family pharmacy strives to deliver professionalism and competence for patients.

How does Happy Family Store help patients?

Specialists of Happy Family Store boast an extensive knowledge of both diseases and medications. Their sphere of competence includes but is not restricted by:

  1. How medications work.
  2. Which medications are used to treat certain
  3. Equivalents and generic versions of popular drugs and healthcare products.
  4. Interactions between medications.
  5. The proper dosage of drugs and appropriate time for taking them.
  6. Medication side effects and ways to maximize their efficiency.
  7. How to save on some medications.

Whenever you have some questions about drugs in Happy Family Store, you can either consult your doctor or the drugstore’s assistants – they will give recommendations about the recommended type of medication and its dosages. All is taken into consideration – your age, general health, and well-being, concomitant diseases, etc. Not that a conversation with a drugstore specialist might replace a meeting with your doctor, but it’s great for getting all essential information about prescribed medication.

Happy Family Store pharmacists can consult patients on how to treat some minor conditions, for instance:

  • aches and pains,
  • sore throat,
  • coughs,
  • colds,
  • flu,
  • earache,
  • cystitis,
  • skin rashes,
  • teething,
  • red eye.

Aside from it, they focus on the treatment of erectile dysfunction and might offer appropriate medications.

Is it anonymous? Does my information stay private?

HFS respects customers’ privacy and does NOT disclose personal information to any third party. Everything that’s discussed during your consultation, stays between you and the specialist. You can stay anonymous if needed. Moreover, if you decide to make an order, HFS won’t disclose your data, too. For registration on the website, a minimal amount of personal data is required.

How to contact HFS specialists?

There’s no need to go anywhere – HFS consults patients on the distance. Use the contacts on the official website to write the assistants. You can either talk to them via a live chat, or email, or phone calls. Please, remember that the English language is supported only. Thus, you can stick to the most convenient conversation format and stay assured that your privacy isn’t violated.

Top questions to ask a pharmacist

When beginning to take a new drug, it is essential to know all the important facts about it. You ought to ask a few questions for the drug specialist to explain the rules of using medicine. Don’t forget to ask:

  1. What is the name of the prescription?
  2. What are its positive effects and when will you have the possibility to watch them?
  3. What is the dose?
  4. When to take it and for how long?
  5. Which ways it should be taken (with a glass of water, before or after a meal, etc)?
  6. What are the most widely recognized side effects?
  7. Is there a danger of interaction with alternate drugs you are taking?
  8. How to store it?

If you have some other inquiries concerning the drug or your wellbeing, record them before you meet with the drug specialist, so you remember.

Being a HFS, you can rest assured that its assistants are always here to share a pro tip and recommendations. When it comes to medication treatment, it’s crucial to know the effects and dosage of drugs, so don’t neglect a personal consultation – it might save your well-being and health.