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What is Priligy (Dapoxetine)? Premature Ejaculation Control

There is an exclusive offer of the Happy Family Store which gets increasing popularity among those facing the problem of premature ejaculation. This condition was considered to be incurable just a few years ago, but thanks to innovative technologies and professional pharmacists the issue can be easily treatable, and the medication is rather accessible.

Still undergoing clinical trials, but already proving to be effective and showing impressive results Priligy is becoming the top ranked medication fighting premature ejaculation. One of the newly discovered and developed treatments has already been manufactured in the USA, though it was not approved by Food and Drug Administration at that time. However, this now fully allowed and approved medicine is available and presented as one of the best and most qualitative treatments of the issue.

The active ingredient of Priligy is Dapoxetine that produces the necessary effect. The medicine has the same effect on the body as antidepressants do. The main aim of the pills is to slow down serotonin production, thus, allowing longer ejaculation. The studies conducted by Urology Care Foundation showed that only one dose of Priligy is powerful enough to improve the condition and normalize sexual life. Noticeable difference can be observed right within the first few months of regular intake. Though, Priligy is the medication that is mainly offered at online pharmacies as it still undergoes some tests.

Ordering this medication online you should be extremely attentive to opt for qualitative Priligy, which corresponds to all the standards and regulations. Being a highly appreciated and widely used drugstore with international reputation, HappyFamilyStore offers not only high-quality medications for different health conditions, but also reasonable prices, helpful customer support and reliable privacy policy.

Purchasing desirable drugs one should always remember several general rules and recommendations concerning the use of Priligy. In addition you can consult your doctor about these drugs or get support from the customer support service online. However, following the below highlighted directions you will avoid complications and sudden side effects:

  • Get professional advice from your doctor concerning dosage, periodicity and necessity of the intake of Priligy and follow all the given instructions;
  • The medication is available in various strengths with the most common being 30 mg. It can be increased to 60 mg in case of more severe conditions;
  • Take the medication 1-3 hours before a planned sexual activity;
  • Do not drink alcohol when taking Priligy;
  • Free intake of Priligy is possible with or without food.

Besides, inform your doctor about the treatment you want to have and warn about even the easiest medical conditions you have, especially if you suffer from heart problems. Do not also forget to let him/her know about other medications you are currently taking.